The Works, Dubai Mall

Ice Cream Photography

I had the privilege of shooting for The Works in Dubai Mall.

The Works an ice cream shop located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. Situated right next to the entrance to Dubai Fountain, it attracts lots of visitors stopping by for a scoop of delicious gelatos.

When Alabbar Enterprise asked me to photograph their ice cream brand, I was very excited, at the same time very nervous too. The thought of shooting ice cream always make me screams in my head.

Shooting ice-cream, I have to be fast, in every way. Style fast, shoot fast and talk fast. There is no time to waste, ice cream melts fast. At the shoot, I was shooting with 100% real ice cream. The gelatos were scooped from the ice-cream station and it was ready to roll.

When one is done, it was quickly moved to the next set up and the next hero - sundae. It was a lot of fun shooting ice cream.

And the best of part, I get to eat it. cheeky

Here are some images taken for The Works. Enjoy.

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