My very first blog post

My very first blog post

I have been contemplating for a very long time to start a blog post. I know it is going to take lots of time, efforts and commitments. I just can’t start a post and not write for months, which seems it might just happen :P. Fingers crossed that it won’t.

So this is my first post, what am I going to write about. Think, think, think. Okie, how about a recipe, a dish that I like and can cook reasonably well. I am not a cook, but can prepare a simple meal, no problem. But what is this dish going to be? Chinese, Italian or something else. I just couldn’t make up my mind. So in the end, recipe is not happening, at least for now.

So, what is it going to be? Brain cells working really hard, they are racing in millions of different directions…still nothing.

Okie, I am going to take a break, Brain Break.

— Half an hour later —

Alright, I am going to share how I get into photography, that seems like a relevant first post.

I like photography at a young age, but wasn’t able to afford the cost of developing the film. Then came digital camera and it changed everything. With digital camera becoming readily available and affordable, the opportunity to take up photography became a possibility. My first digital camera was a Fujifilm, Porsche designed. I didn’t like the shape of the camera, it has an awkward design, it is like a little steel book, but who cares? It was designed by Porsche! I felt proud owning one. In no time, I was showing off to my friends and colleagues, impressing them with my photos. I think it was a 3MP camera, nowadays, any camera phone has higher resolution than that in the front camera.

Like many photographers, I started with photographing landscape or anyone who was willing to stand in front of my camera. I was shooting in the streets back home too. Street photography is not unlawful in Singapore. I can go out and photograph people in the streets, however I must add that it irked them if they saw me pointing my camera in their direction. Some would dart, some would frown at me.

Then I started taking photos of the food I cooked. It came naturally and I realized that I really like shooting food. I can relate to it. I would shoot the food before it went down my stomach, which became a nuisance to those sharing the table with me, but that didn’t stop me. I continued to annoy my family and friends with my pre-meal rituals at every opportunity. Oh, by the way, I wasn’t using a camera phone, it was a dslr, the there was no Instagram then.

When I started, it wasn’t all good, there were many out of focus images, many pictures have poor composition. Many images were yellowish or over exposure, well, I didn’t understand white balance and how to use manual mode then. And the whole learning process began, understanding ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance and everything else. That is the technical aspects and artistic side to food photography. It needs both to work.

As I shoot more and more, I started seeing light and shadow, how light falls and how to get the best angle of food. I knew then, I wanted to shoot food. I browsed through cookbooks, food magazines, Pinterest and the internet for inspiring food images, anything that I could lay my hands on.

After I moved away from learning and understanding how the camera works, I came to revelation, that food photography requires investment! Other than the camera gears and lighting, it needs props and surfaces. And so the journey begins, the acquiring of used flatware, crockery, napkins etc. The more rustic the better, the dirtier looking the better. The buying never stop. Other girls like clothes and shoes, I like surfaces and props, it seems there is never enough. Two blue bowls are never quite the same.

Now the cupboard is bursting at the seams, it’s time to get a second one! My food journey has been a rewarding one, one that has enriched me and brings me lots of joy. From where I am standing right now, I can only see many more years of hoarding!

If you are a food photographer or a food blogger, I will like to hear your food experience.

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